Tips for preparing self for examination to pass easily
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Tips for preparing self for examination to pass easily

You have to prepare yourself to brainstorm, and Physical exercise is different from brainstorming. Playing chess is most challenging, and vigorous exercise for the mind that why Chess is a good game in our country and the world. Well, today every person did not play chess, but computer games or android mobile game almost all prefer to play the game. You can start them and If you want to do it the easy way to do simple level arithmetic or tepid.

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Once a week and month, try to memorize a poem or a joke. This memory will remain in your mind and will increase its strength. Always thinking of something try to new. Please come forward with new ideas daily. It is enough to think like a child. Baby positive energy, spirit and eagerness to amaze think.
The fear of the exam?
Many student thinking about the discomfort of the exam process begins. There are many ideas spins in the mind, Can I get to answer all the questions?. These ideas are upset almost every student. Tiny pressure is helpful for better performance. It secretes the hormone adrenaline in the body is the person who keeps the senses and Focused.
Light stress or pressure is bound to be more nervous but becomes a source of embarrassment. This person makes around a negative circle and then glued to think he does not understand. It is the bad impact on performance because the student is not able to focus on the questions and do not give the exact answer does. There are several measures can be overcome exam fear for the student to perform best.
Before Examination:
The revision also their course in time to read and to complete at least one day in advance. The tension grows until the last minute to study. Stabilizing the mind and heart are different ways to calm, then someone else is reassuring to listen to music or exercise, and warm water bath is the even better way. Select a way to relax, do the same for yourself.
And a day before the day of the examination, the measures prove to be very advantageous. Whatever you read they are helpful to remember and increase the confidence. Not knowing the way to the exam center can also cause anxiety. Already collecting information about the bike and way if possible, try going there himself once. This would avoid the last-minute rush. Before sleep at night carefully read the rules of the examination before the exam.
During the examination
“I do not do anything .’ The studies could not be bothered, but good care of these ideas to be generated on reading the signs of nervousness. Students can not concentrate due to stress. Many can not read the question properly. To avoid this, these measures are:
– Arrive at the right time in the exam room.
– Take deep breaths and release cell-reaching long. Often people do not breathe correctly in bewilderment. Taking a deep breath, make your back straight.
– Before you laid a stable inanimate object (wall, photo, etc.) Try to focus eyes on.
– Repeat positive thing in mind – I’m going to pass this exam. Repeat this for 1-2 minutes and then breath normally. Will experience peace.
– Read the questions carefully. Midway between the test began to panic again, then repeat the concentration measures.
– Decide on the strategy paper Solve. What question would Solve etc. before and wasted no time to start writing the answer.
Tips for memory
Brain to remember anything of what makes sense based on the value and appropriateness. The brain works in the same order of priority. The first step is to remember to know the meaning; the meaning must therefore before remembering anything it is important to understand the meaning.
If you did not understand the significance of the word then memorizing makes no sense. So the first thing is to remember the text, it means first imagine, the importance and value in your life then what is the justification for that matter know it.

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