Symbiosis pune distance learning facilities for students

Symbiosis Pune distance learning provide E- learning facility, virtual classrooms and chat room facility(live classroom Lectures), prerecorded lecture DVD facility and list of DVDs and E-library & Library facility. read more about symbiosis mba distance learning and symbiosis courses.

For a majority of its courses, e-learning facility is offered by symbiosis distance learning MBA. The Center’s e-learning component has been introduced as a supplementary aid to all students. It is in a concise form and complex issues are highlighted to enhance students’ understanding of the key concepts. The e-Learning content contains live examples related to the various courses along with flow-charts, illustrations and diagrams. The activity-based pictorial presentation of the content enhances the learners’ effective understanding of the subject matter. The focus is primarily on the application of the learning with the knowledge gained. The e-Learning component is structured and helps the learner to progress step by step. Continuous assessment of the learner occurs as one is evaluated by the “Assessment” segment, included at the end of each concept. The feedback on a learner’s performance is immediately available to one, and provides one with the much-needed motivation, coupled with an opportunity to test the quality of learning that has taken place. The immediate feedback to the students is a step towards assurance of the quality of the program. E-learning content is provided through the online portal of SCDL. At the time of admission, each student is provided with a unique login ID and students may log on to his Student centre Account and access the e-learning content, through SCDL website. symbiosis center for distance learning e-Learning inputs are beneficial to students and are made available to them without any additional cost. It is easily accessible to one according to one’s time, place and inclination, thereby fulfilling the Centre’s mission for providing “learners with flexible learning opportunities anywhere, anytime.”

Virtual Classrooms and chat Room Facility:-

Virtual classrooms are one of the biggest advantages of learning with symbiosis pune distance learning through the Distance Education Mode. These help to bridge the gap between conventional education and distance education, by providing a human touch. Virtual Classes are live classroom lectures which provide the learners with a live on-line classroom learning experience, enabling them to directly interact with the Expert Faculty Member, with the help of the Internet. The students are able to ask questions and seek clarifications. They are also able to interact with fellow students attending the same virtual class. In case a student misses a particular virtual class, one may view the same lecture in the “Archive”. In the Archive, which may be accessed through the SCDL website, all previous lectures are stored for future use of the students. The class-size of any virtual class is kept at an optimal number of 20 €” 30, to enable the teacher to provide maximum attention to students. A student, therefore, is required to register well in advance for the session one wants to attend. A Calendar, containing the schedule of all virtual classes for the Academic Year, is available in student log in for the students’ reference. Referring to the Virtual Classroom Calendar, a student may book a slot for a particular virtual class through the student centre login facility. The gap due to the physical distance between the learner and the educator is reduced in this process of teaching-learning, and Education ceases to remain de-humanized. The learning benefits available in a real classroom are present and the effectiveness of learning increases.

On line chat session:-

On-line faculty interactive sessions enable the learners to clarify their queries. Students may log in at a pre-specified time, and seek clarification to their queries by typing out the question. The teacher, with the help of a typed text, immediately responds, thereby making available instantaneous feedback to the student. Contrary to the belief that education imparted through the Distance Education Mode is faceless, the process followed by symbiosis pune distance learning, to impart education through the distance education mode, helps to create a close bond between the taught and the teacher — who gradually becomes a ‘guide’ and ceases to remain a mere purveyor of knowledge.

Pre-Recorded Lecture DVD facility:-

DVDs prepared by symbiosis pune distance learning on pre-recorded lectures by eminent Subject Experts, are available to students. These lectures help learners to comprehend the key concepts of the various courses. The core topics of the SLMs are covered in the DVD lectures. And students can view these lectures at a time and place convenient to one, and learn at ones own time and pace.

DVDs List:-

Below are allsymbiosis pune distance learning subject with program available,

Business Communication for program PGDBA, PGDHRM, PGDIB, PGDITM, PGDIM

Business Law for program PGDBA

Children with Special Needs for program PGPTT

Consumer Behavior for program PGDBA, PGDRM, PGDCRM

Corporate Finance Law for program PGDBCL

Corporate Restructure Law for program PGDBCL

Course Design PGDID Consumer Protection Act 1986 for program PGDBA

Customer Relationship Management for program PGDBA, PGDCRM

E-Business for program PGDSCM, PGDCRM, PGDITM

Educational Administration for program PGDEA

Educational Psychology for program PGDID, PGDEA

Financial Management for program PGDBA

Human Resource Management for program PGDBA, PGDHRM

ICT in Education for program PGDEA

Instructional Design for program PGDID

International Economics for program PGDBA, PGDIB

International Finance for program PGDBA, PGDIB

Introduction to Legal System for program CPCL

Management Accounting for program PGDBA

Management Information Systems for program PGDBA, PGDIB, PGDRM

Managerial Economics PGDBA, PGDHRM, PGDIB program

Marketing Management PGDBA, PGDRM,CPED program

Marketing Research PGDBA, PGDIB, PGDCRM program

Materials Management PGDBA, PGDSCM program

Organisational Behaviour PGDBA, PGDHRM program

Personnel Administration PGDBA, PGDHRM program

Principles and Practices of Management PGDBA, PGDITM PGDIM PGDIB, PGDRM, PGDID, CPED program

Principles of General Ins. Including IT PGDIM program

Production and Operation Management PGDBA, PGDSCM program

Project Finance for program PGDBA

Property and Liability Insurance for program PGDIM

Research Methodology and SQM for program PGDBA

Risk Management PGDBF IV Services Marketing for program PGDRM, PGDCRM

Structure of English Language for program DTE

Supply Chain Management for program PGDBA

Techniques for Operations Efficiency for program PGDBA

Total Quality Management for program SINGLE COURSE

E-Library and Library Facility:-

Symbiosis pune distance learning provides the facility of e-library besides its on-campus Library. This e-library is student friendly and is linked to SCDL students’ login ID. There are a host of articles and research papers on various topics available to help students enhance their knowledge. It offers more than 375 full-text and secondary research databases as also over 300,000 eBooks and audio books. The Library is in pursuance of its objective of providing efficient and effective academic support to working and non-working professionals. It provides the usual services such as lending of reference books, journals, project reports, e-learning content CDs, etc.

The normal working hours of library:

Monday-Saturday: 9.30 a.m.-5.30 p.m.

Sundays and Institute holidays: CLOSED

Location of the Library: Fourth Floor SCDL Pune campus only.

So, above all are facility of symbiosis pune distance learning and I hope you will get good career with symbiosis. Best of luck in advance with symbiosis.


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