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For General / Civil / Defence / Paramilitary / Police / Symbiosis Employee / International / SAARC Students:

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Mode of Payment:-

-Online: Students can pay registration fees, program fees and exam fees online.

-Demand Draft: Students can pay fees via a Demand Draft (DD) drawn in the favor of “The Director, SCDL, Pune” and payable at Pune and can read symbiosis admission information. All DDs should be sent by post / courier to SCDL, Pune only. Student must affix bar code sent to them with Admission Letter and mention their name, registration no., contact no., program enrolled and type of fees being remitted on the reverse side of the DD. Students must retain a photocopy of the Demand Draft sent to SCDL. SCDL will not be responsible for lost / delayed / unidentified DDs. SCDL is not liable for loss of financial instruments in transit or for unidentified financial instruments, i.e. without sender’s details or reason of fee remittance on the reverse of the DD. No Cash must be sent by Post/ Courier to SCDL. SCDL will not be responsible for depositing for any Cheque which are not payable or cash sent by post/courier.

-Cash: All types of fees can be paid in cash only at SCDL, Main Pune Campus.

-International / SAARC students: Such students must remit all fees in USD or INR equivalent, as prescribed by SCDL, irrespective of the USD / SAARC conversion rate. The Exchange rate for conversion will be Rs. 63 against 1 USD for the current Financial Year – 1st April 2014 to 30th March 2015 (you can also refer current rate)

Symbiosis Pune MBA Admission Policy:-

-Students have two options of paying the symbiosis distance learning fees, as mentioned below:

1. Full Fee option: wherein the student can pay the full course fees in a single installment on date set by symbiosis pune distance learning.

2. Two-Installment mode, wherein the student can pay the course fees in two installments (as prescribed for the respective program). Students are required to pay the first installment on date set symbiosis pune distance learning and pay the second installment on date which is set. Students, who will pay the full or balance fees after date (which declared last date of payment) will be required to pay as per the total amount specified in the installment mode.-Students, who have been granted admission on a provisional basis, are also required to pay Program Fees as per the prescribed fee installment timeline.

-symbiosis distance learning excess fees is not liable for refund / unidentified fees (no registration number / no name / no fee type mentioned DD/s) paid by the student towards program / course / exam / other fees.

-symbiosis distance learning fees excess, if paid by a student, can be utilized for any other applicable services by the student in the same financial year subject to the Director’s approval. Student must submit a formal application (Unidentified fee Form available in student centre login) for the same.

-Demand Drafts received without any information of the student and / or type of fees remitted is processed under suspense account. Such demand drafts can be claimed / transferred to the respective student’s account in the same financial year, after which such queries / applications will not be entertained / processed. Students must submit a formal application for the same on date (Final date) along with a proof (authentic bank encashment letter/ issue letter or DD photo copy). SCDL is neither responsible for returning / crediting to students account any unidentified DD nor for the loss of any Demand Draft / Cashier’s Cheque in transit forwarded by the student.

-Students will not receive fee credit unless proper details are mentioned on the reverse of the DD.

-SCDL will accept DDs till 75 days from the date of issuance of a DD.

-SCDL will not accept personal Cheque and Non-MICR Demand Drafts for any kind of fee payment. SCDL does not take any responsibility to return such Cheque or Non-MICR Demand Drafts or credit the same to the student’s account.

-Additional Specialization, other fees may be paid in cash (at SCDL, Pune Office only) or by Demand Draft / Cashier’s Cheque in favour of ‘The Director, SCDL, Pune, payable at Pune.

-All fee related queries should be sent to SCDL through ‘Post My Query’ option to ‘Fee Queries’, from the option list provided in the dropdown menu.

-SCDL will not accept in any case, any Program fees in cash by post / courier at Main Pune Campus. Students should not pay any fees directly to any bank/s.

Fee concession Scheme for Economically Backward Community (EBC)

Symbiosis firmly believes that it is the foremost responsibility of every educational institute to contribute to some extent for the cause of up -liftment of the weaker section of the society. Symbiosis is fully aware of its social obligations and to meet these social obligations, Symbiosis distance learning fees concessions to 100 deserving students (belonging to Economically Backward Community (EBC)) fulfilling the eligibility norms. The details of the Scheme shall be updated on the website.


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