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Symbiosis centre for distance learning has centre across India and also has student world wide who study online and enjoying facilities of symbiosis centre for distance learning below are guidelines for assignments and computer based exam and read more about symbiosis courses and symbiosis university distance education.

Assignments as per semester are preloaded inside the student centre login on the symbiosis centre for distance learning website. Students should click on the Online Assessment Link inside the login to attempt Assignment.

Each Assignment carries 30 marks and the duration of the assignment will be 40 mins. The minimum passing marks are 15.

Students should follow Applicable Methodology ONLY to submit their Assignments for all courses (subjects) of their curriculum. SCDL will not accept any paper-based Assignments.

Assignments consist of, objective questions which are easy for submission and get evaluated online. Students can see their Assignment marks instantly, after completing and submitting the Assignment. The marks are updated in student login in the performance sheet in 48 hrs from the date of completion of assignment.

Students are recommended to submit one Assignment per month and ensure that all the Assignments for a semester are submitted prior to the Computer based examination of that semester.

All Assignments must be submitted and cleared within the program registration validity period.

Students cannot submit Assignments for courses belonging to future / upcoming semesters. Students can submit Assignments only for their current or previous semesters.

If an Assignment is left mid-way, it will be considered as’ Incomplete session’. The next time the student logs in to complete the Assignment, he / she will have to attempt the remaining questions in the remaining time.

The student can see the statistics of questions attempted and answered immediately after completion of assignment. Students can complete all the Assignment attempts with “n” number of session breaks. The duration of the Assignment is 30 min.

Diploma entitlement is subject to successful completion of all Assignments, Exams, Project, and Practical as applicable during the Registration validity period of the program.

In case of failure, students may avail one free attempt and two paid attempts. The student is required to pay for each paid attempt.

Note: It is not compulsory to pass the Assignments for a particular semester / course before appearing for the Computer based examination for that semester / course.


Computer Based Examinations attempted through approved test centers are called Computer based examinations.

The exam will be of 70 marks and the duration of the exam will be 1 hour 20 mins. The minimum passing marks are 35 in each course (subject).

The exam comprises subjective and objective questions. The subjective questions are 3 and you will have to attempt any 2 out of 3 given, for 5 mark each, in total 10 marks. The objective questions are out of 60 marks. Student has to pass in the Computer based examination and Assignments separately for each course (subject) of the program.

Students should visit the symbiosis centre for distance learning website regularly for current updates and exam information.

Students who have paid complete program fee and have confirmed admission status at the time of applying for the Computer based examination only will be allowed to appear for the Computer based examination.

Students can book the exam slot from the 3rd month of the commencement of the program for the subsequent semester.

Exam fees are not included in the Program fees; it has to be sent with the exam enrolment form from time to time.

Exam fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

There is no re-evaluation / re-checking for Computer based examination.

If a student has paid the exam fees, but fails to book the exam slot or does not attempt the Computer based examination in spite of exam slot booking, he/she will be required to re-pay the due exam fees at the time of re-booking.

Student who have booked the exam slot but not appeared or have attempted the exam but failed, will not be able to re-attempt until the official declaration of exam results, i.e. after 7 working days from the date of exam.

Students are required to report at least 30 minutes prior to the actual Examination at the Approved Test Centre.

Students are requested to carry their Exam Hall Ticket and their SCDL Identity Card and Govt. Authorized Photo ID Proof like PAN Card / Driving License / Aadhar Card / Voter ID Card etc. Card to the exam centre. No other proof of identity will be accepted.

Students would be responsible for signing the attendance sheet available at the exam centre without which their paper will not be assessed and the student would be marked absent for the exam.

Students are warned not to use any unfair means in the approved Test Centre.

Students are not allowed to bring Digital Diary, Cell phone, pager, palmtops, Jewellery etc in the Computer based examination hall. symbiosis centre for distance learning or the exam centre is not responsible for the safekeeping / loss of your belongings. In case a student is found using the cell phone, the same shall be confiscated and the student shall be debarred from the program. All cell phones should be Switched Off during the Computer based examination.

Smoking is not allowed in the campus / Computer based examination area. High standards of discipline have to be maintained during the Computer based examination sessions. Defaulters will be dealt with strictly.

Students violating any of the above procedures may be subjected to admission cancellation.

The examination is of objective and descriptive type and has to be attempted using computers provided in the Computer based examination hall. Students are assumed to have basic knowledge of using a computer such as scrolling up and down, some typing, clicking with mouse etc.

In the event of any force Mature due to which the student is unable to attempt the exam of Symbiosis centre for distance learning in his/her slot or at the exam hall, symbiosis centre for distance learning will make required arrangements for such student(s) to reattempt the exam at another convenient date/time at no cost to the student(s). Force Majeure is described as natural disasters, sudden / unexpected failure of electricity / computer hardware and software, local unrest, riots etc.


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