Production and operations management MBA notes for MBA MCA BBA BCA BA BSc BCOM MCOM MSc
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Production and operations management MBA notes for MBA MCA BBA BCA BA BSc BCOM MCOM MSc

Production/operations management subject of PGDBA program quick overview.

Unit 1 The Production (Manufacturing) Function

Introduction Operation Concept of Production Production as the Conversion. Process Productivity of Conversion Process Objectives of Production Management Components of Production Management Responsibilities of a Production Manager Production as a Co-ordination Function.

Unit 2 Manufacturing Methods

Introduction Factors influencing Choice of Manufacturing method Classification of Manufacturing Methods Selection of Manufacturing Methods.

Unit 3 Facilities (Plant) Location

Introduction Need for Location Decisions Factors governing Plant Location Economic Survey for the Site Selection.

Unit 4 Facilities (Plant) Layout

Introduction Objectives of a Good Layout Principles of a Good Layout Types of Layouts Cost Analysis of Basic Forms of Layout Tools and Techniques for Layout Analysis.

Unit 5 Production Planning and Control (PPC)

Introduction to Production Planning and Control Objectives of PPC Functions of PPC Organization of PPC Department Production Planning Horizon.

Unit 6 Aggregate Planning

Introduction Aggregate Planning Strategies Aggregate Planning in Services.

Unit 7 Master Production Schedule

Introduction Objectives of MPS MPS Process.

Unit 8 Operations Scheduling

Introduction Functions of Scheduling Gantt Chart Scheduling Methods Priority Sequence Rules Scheduling in Services.

Unit 9 Production Activity Control

Introduction Functions of Production Activity Control Functions of Dispatching Concept of Progressing Functions of Progressing.

Unit 10 JIT and Kanban

Introduction JIT Manufacturing Kanban-An Integrated JIT System

Unit 11 Project Planning & Control : Critical Path Analysis (Pert/Cpm)

Introduction Critical Path Analysis Advantages of CPA Network Logic Steps for Critical Path Analysis.

Unit 12 Maintenance of the Plant

Introduction Typical Causes of Plant Breakdown Costs associated with an Eventual Breakdown Objectives of a Good Maintenance System Types of Maintenance Preventive Maintenance System Corrective Maintenance System.

Unit 13 Quality Management – I

Introduction Historic Development in Quality Achievement of Quality Concept of Quality Control Types of Inspection The Operating Characteristics Curve Sampling Plans for Quality Management Total Quality Management.

Unit 14 Quality Management – II

Introduction Principles underlying Process Control Control Charts as a Tool for Process Control Types of Control Charts Control Charts for Variables (X-R Charts) Control Charts for Attributes.

Unit 15 Six Sigma

Introduction to Six Sigma Concept of Six Sigma Calculation of Process Sigma Variations in Processes Six Sigma Methodology Implementing Six Sigma Organizational Architecture for Six Sigma.

Unit 16 Work Study – I (Method Study)

Introduction Method Study Procedure of Method Study Selection of the Job Recording of Facts Critical Examination Development and Selection Installation of the proposed Method Maintenance of the proposed Method.

Unit 17 Work Study – II (Work Measurement)

Introduction Techniques of Work Measurement Time Study Techniques Work Sampling Methods Incentive Schemes Classification of Incentive Plans.

Unit 18 Operations Management in Service Sector

Operations Management and its Relevance in Service Industry Service Concept of Operations Operations Management in Banking Industry Operations Management in Retail Industry Operations Management in BPOs Operations Management in IT Industry Operations Management in Hotel Operations Management in Hospitals.


Summary , Keywords, Self-Assessment questions, Answers to Check your Progress and Suggested Reading for Production/operations management.


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