Why mba correspondance in finance after B-tech
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Why mba correspondance in finance after B-tech

B.Tech is a graduation program of four years after B.Tech candidate prefers performing post-graduation. There are two options either do M.Tech or pursue MBA correspondence. Students prefer class according to their choice and interest. Now this depends on upon their knowledge and skills where the candidate will stand. For M.Tech candidate has to make the GATE examination and then will be selected for the course. Which is a standard of the number of positions in the colleges a quite limited also it is common to have technical post graduation? 

MBA correspondance

A candidate who interested in teaching and get the job of instruction in education sector they only select M.Tech, But those who find more opportunity for himself in the market they prefer to do MBA because in MBA a candidate has good scope in various sectors as:

1. In Stock Market

Most of the candidate after fulfillment of MBA degree enters in Stock Market because in this sector one can easily handle the clients who are qualified in MBA. In this field, a candidate enjoys and makes money quickly. After several years when he gets the knowledge and experience, the candidate gives examination of NSE, BSE, F&O, and Options. After completion and clearance of the investigation, he gets Name, position in the market.

2. Insurance Sector

The insurance sector is very enormous in the world because today everyone needs it at every time and everywhere in their life. In this industry candidate, MBA degree can easily get the job because MBA student already knows how to read the mind of the customer and how you handle it this quality in MBA course. In this area, a candidate gets growth in very short term and also gets the opportunity to go abroad.

3. Real Estate Sector

In today’s scenario, real estate sector is growing very fast in every corner of the world. In this industry demand for MBA students is very critical because you have to know the requirement of the clients. MBA candidate can read the mind and can give the best option to the customer. In this sector, you will get money and as well as position very soon.


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