Jhalawar medical college review with jobs and career of students

Every student most welcome for jhalawar medical college reviews like courses, facilities within hostel and college and most Important is jobs, vacancies, and career after completing degree and diploma. read more about mci approve medical college and top medical college in India.

jhalawar college located at Address: N.H.-12, Kota Road, Jhalawar, Rajasthan 326001

Phone: 07432 233 388

Founded: August 8, 2007

website:- //jmcjhalawar.org/

jhalawar medical college courses:-

1) UG courses


2) PG courses

MSC Medicine – Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Pharmacology

MD – Biochemistry, Physiology, Microbiology

MS – Anatomy

Hostel facility:

There are total three hostels in jhalawar medical college, and it divided into three categories like I and III for boys and II for Girls. The hostel I have total 60 flats and another facility on floor Mess with large airy Dining Hall, 2 Security Rooms, Furnished Guest Room, Warden Office, Big R.O. plant with the water cooler. Hostel II has total 80 rooms with the same facility like Hostel I, and Hostel III has three floors including ground floor and almost same facility.

Sports activity:-

Football, Cricket, 100 m dash, 4×100 m relay, Disc Throw, Javelin Throw, Carom, Chess, Badminton, Table tennis.

clinical material:-

for this visit here, //jmcjhalawar.org/

Hospital facility:-


Most of the students think that once we get admission and pass out a medical college, we just have to treat patients and don’t have much useful career options like other professions.

These are the few options –

1) MD and MS:-

The people who wish to continue with their medical career most commonly chosen path after MBBS. You can pursue post-graduation in various jobs like general surgery, internal medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, etc. For this, you need to give All India Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examination, held in December every year. There’s no reason to mention about the scope of this field as specialist Doctors are the need of the hour. MD and MS are 3-year degree courses while diploma is a 2-year course.

2) Diploma of National Board-

The excellent and big best option to attempt for people continuing with their desires of becoming an expert doctor. Diploma of National Board is a postgraduate course offered by the National Board of Examinations and recognized by the Mild Cognitive Impairment, but there is a small issue with DNB. Firstly, the passing rates in Diploma of National Board are very low, depending on your course and hospital’s from which you complete your course. Secondly, many hospitals give preference to MD/MS candidates than DNB candidates. Thirdly, Diploma of National Board course is provided most of the time in the private hospital’s where the amount of exposure is less than by the government, especially in the surgical branches.

3) Combined Medical Services (CMS) –

Union Public Service Commission conducts examination every year in the month of July and August for entry into government institutions like Railways and Municipal Corporations as Medical Officers or medical practitioner. The exam can be given by final year students and interns only. It is the best option if you are looking for the permanent job with the government company or sector, and also you can be part of the administrative workforce of the hospitals.

4) Civil Services: –

There’s always the choices to join the public duties like Indian Administrative Service, The Internal Revenue Service, Indian Foreign Service, The Indian Police Service after MBBS. A good career option but you won’t be dealing with patients anymore if you did this. Inquired by many doctors in India.

5) MBA –

The demand for Doctor’s in today’s day with MBA degree is increasingly drastically, with many private or public hospitals, the pharmaceutical company being set up.

6) Clinical Research:-

India lacks behind when it comes to research work, I think this indicates that how much important is research work. There is a vital demand for clinical researchers in today’s day’s. Various institutes to offer research opportunities are Indian Council for Medical Research, Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, St. John’s Research Institute. One can also join WHO. Many institutes like All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Post Graduate Institute, NIMHANS, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai offer a Ph.D. degree.

7) Masters in Health Administration:-

It is a three-year post-graduate degree in Health Administration which helps students to gain the skills required in managing large specialty clinics, hospitals, insurance companies, etc.

8) M.Tech in Biomedical Engineering and Sciences:-

It is being offered at the Indian Institute of Technology for student’s who want to continue their career in developing instruments and machines to provide better health care.

9) Masters in Medical Science and Technology:-

It is also offered by the Indian Institute of Technology which deals with medical biotechnology, Bioinformatics, healthcare imaging, etc.

Jobs in Government Sector

The M.Sc in Biochemistry graduates have tremendous opportunities of securing a job in various government sectors such as the agriculture and fisheries department, public health laboratories, public health entities, environmental pollution control board, public hospitals, blood service units, cancer research institutes, overseas development board, social welfare board, and so on.

Biochemists are also highly demanded by several pharmaceutical firms, food industries and agrochemical companies so as to build up newer products. They are also required to monitor the manufacturing processes, quality control, and safety of the existing products.

Now we will discuss most important part of this content that pays scale in India for medical students, and after completing courses you can go for following positions,

Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant (Certified)

Medical Receptionist

Office Manager, Medical Office

Medical Transcriptionist

Medical Biller

Medical Secretary

Medical / Clinical Laboratory Technologist

Medical Billing Specialist

Front Desk Receptionist, Medical Office

Medical Technologist

Medical Office Assistant

Medical Coder

Medical Phlebotomist

Medical Records Coder

If you think for Certified Medical Assistant (CMA), then you will get an annual package around 390000 thousand in Bangalore and Kolkata. In Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh you will get around 780000 thousand and 180000 thousand in Ahmedabad and Gujarat. Physician / Doctor, General Practice getting 550000 thousand packages annually and with five to ten-year experience getting annually around 700000 lacks.

I hope you like my review on jhalawar medical college, and I collect data about jobs from question answer websites and about salary from the survey of wages in India, if you like my post kindly share with your friends and your family.


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