IIM Ahmadabad courses and fees with placement 2019-20

IIM Ahmadabad has three different courses regular, seminar and projects. Regular courses teach skill, technique and concept and seminar course teach research to enhance knowledge and last one depend on project.

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Courses list

1 Financial Reporting and Analysis FRA
2 Financial Markets FM
3 Human Resource Management-I HRM-I
4 Individual Dynamics ID
5 Legal Aspects of Business LAB
6 Managerial Computing MC
7 Microeconomics ME
8 Marketing-I MKT-I
9 Operations Management-I OM-I
10 Probability and Statistics-I PS-I
11 Probability and Statistics-II PS-II
12 Written Analysis and Communication-I WAC-I
13 Induction I&II (5 sessions each) OB Area

Term 2

1 Costing and Control Systems CCS
2 Decision Analysis DA
3 Financial Markets FM
4 Human Resource Management II HRM-II
5 Information Systems for Business ISB
6 Macroeconomics and Policy MEP
7 Marketing II MKT-II
8 Operations Management II OM-II
9 Interpersonal Group Processes IGP
10 Personal and Corporate Ethics PCE
11 Workshop on Interviews and Presentations WIP

Term 3

1 Business, Environment and Society BES
2 Business Research Methods BRM
3 Corporate Finance CF
4 Government Systems and Policy Process GSP
5 Internet Technology and E-commerce ITE
6 Marketing III MKT-III
7 Organizational Dynamics ODY
8 The Social and Cultural Environment of Business SCEB
9 Strategic Management SM
10 Written Analysis and Communication II WAC-II

Flexicore Courses (FC)

11 Manufacturing Operations Management OM
Service Operations Management
12 Managing Work Place Dynamics and Employee Collectives HRM
Talent and Competency Management

Courses Offered ( Second Year )

Business Policy

1 Strategy in Emerging Markets
2 Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation
3 Mysteries in Management
4 Managing Diversified Organizations
5 Leadership: Vision, Meaning and Reality
6 Leadership in Professional Service Firms
7 International Business Dispute Resolution
8 International Business
9 Foundations of Strategy Consulting
10 Entrepreneurship and New Venture Planning
11 Economics of Strategy
12 Dynamics of Framing and Execution of Strategy
13 Design Thinking for Innovative Business Design
14 Competence, Capability and Corporate Strategy
15 Business Government and Law
16 Business and Intellectual Property
Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship
17 Practice of Social Business: Human Centered Problem Solving
18 New Technology Application, Design and Business Models
19 Fund Management – Project Course
Centre for Management in Agriculture
20 Strategic Management of Intellectual Property Rights
21 Shodh Yatra (Off Campus)
22 Seminar Course on Globalizing and Resurgent India Through Innovative Transformation
23 CINE: Understanding Creativity, Innovation, Knowledge, Networks and Entrepreneurship


24 Strategic Negotiation Skills for Leaders
25 Strategic Communication in the Digital Era
26 Persuasive Communication
27 Organizational Communication
28 Media and Society: Economics, Politics, Ethics and Technologies for Mass Communication
29 Managerial Communication
30 Intercultural Communication Competence
31 Difficult communication
32 Cultural Identities and Communication
33 Communication Skills for Team & Leadership Effectiveness
34 Communicating Corporate Reputation


35 Monetary Theory and Policy
36 Massive Change: Economics and Finance
37 Macroeconomics of India: An applied perspective
38 Labour Markets in Developing Countries
39 Issues in International Finance for Managers
40 International Trade: Theory and Policy
41 International Trade and Investment (Project Course)
42 Game Theory and Applications
43 Economics of Organization
44 Economics of Happiness
45 Economics Of Food Quality

Finance and Accounting

46 Valuation of Firms
47 Trading Strategies
48 Strategic Perspectives in Banking
49 Securities Regulation
50 Pricing & Hedging Derivative Securities
51 Optimization Methods in Finance
52 Modern Investment & Portfolio Management
53 Microfinance Management
54 Mergers, Acquisitions & Corporate Restructuring
55 Management Control and Metrics for Organizational Performance
56 Futures, Options and Risk Management
57 Fraud Risk Assessment & Governance Mechanism
58 Fixed Income Securities-Rates
59 Financing of Firms
60 Financial Modelling
61 Behavioural Finance
62 Asset Backed Securitization
63 Alternative Investments and Hedge Funds

Information Systems

64 Strategies for Internet Economy
65 Enterprise Digital Infrastructure
66 Digital Inclusion for Development
67 Data Visualization for Decision Making
68 Data Mining and Business Intelligence
69 Consulting in e-Governance: From Vision to Implementation
70 Big Data Analytics


71 Strategies for Digital Marketing and e-Business
72 Strategic Marketing
73 Sports Marketing
74 Seminar on Brand Management
75 Pricing
76 Neuroscience and Consmer Behavior
77 Mobile Marketing Essentials
78 Marketing Management in the World of High Technologies and Innovation
79 Market Research and Information Systems
80 International Business and Foreign Market Entry in BRIC Countries
81 Innovation, Live
82 Customer Based Business Strategies
83 Business to Business Marketing
84 Advertising and Sales Promotion Management

Organizational Behaviour

85 Understanding Indian Workplaces
86 The Creative Self at Work
87 Talent Management
88 Qualitative Research for Management
89 Power and Politics in Organizations
90 High Performing Teams: A Journey
91 Explorations in Roles and Identity-A – Off Campus
92 Developing an Entrepreneurial Personality
93 Co-Creating Organizational Change

Human Resource Management

94 Personal Competencies for International HRM
95 H R Management in the Service Sector
96 Global Leadership and Effective People Management
97 Games People Play: Psychology of HRM
98 Business Turnaround and Organizational Transformation
99 Business & Society

Production and Quantitative Methods

100 Why Projects Fail? Uncertainty, Complexity and Risk in Projects
101 The Art and Craft of Decision Making
102 Supply Chain Strategy
103 Supply Chain Management
104 Stochastic Calculus in Finance (Project Course)
105 Statistical Methods in Data Analysis
106 Revenue Management and Dynamic Pricing
107 Quantitative System Performance (Project Course)
108 Operations Strategy
109 Forecasting Techniques for a Practioner
110 Elephants & Cheetahs: Systems, Strategy Bottlenecks
111 Bayesian Methods for Data Analysis
112 Advanced Methods of Data Analysis

PGP (Others)

113 Philosophical Foundatiuon of Management
114 Doing Business in India (Only for incoming Exchange Students)
115 Contemporary Film Industry: A Business Perspective
116 Bionics

Public Systems Group

117 Venturing in Health Care
118 Urban Economy and Business Environment
119 Transport Infrastructure
120 Sustainability and Environment Management
121 Strategic Transformation and Change in the Indian Economy
122 Social Entrepreneurship: Innovating Social Change
123 Rail Transport Planning and Management
124 Public Policy
125 Public Finance
126 Participatory Theatre for Development
127 Manipulation, Myth-making, and Marketing
128 Managing Sustainability
129 Managing Energy Business
130 Investigating Corporate Social Irresponsibilty
131 Infrastructure Development & Financing
132 Good Governance and People Living in Poverty
133 Carbon Finance
134 Aviation Business Strategies
135 Airport Policy and PPPs, Ravi J. Matthai Centre for Education Innovation
136 Enterprise and Innovations in Education

So, above all are iim ahmedabad placements, courses, fees , admission process and eligibility and hope you like my notes please share it with your friends.


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