human resource management question paper
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human resource management question paper

Question with answer in bold word

Fill in the blanks.

1. HRM is an ongoing process that tries to keep the organisation supplied with the right people in the right positions at the right time.

2. Accurate and timely human resource information system helps in getting better quality personnel.

3. There are two problems faced by the organizations as regards HRD practices organizational problems and general problems.

4. Human Resource Management aims at bringing together expertise and skills in a scientific way.

5. The organizational objectives can be best attained by acquiring human resource, developing their skills; motivating them for high performance and ensuring that they continue to maintain their commitment and loyalty towards the organization.

6. Human Resource planning is concerned with the planning of Manpower requirements and supplies

7. Forecasting of long-term manpower requirement helps the organisations to forecast the compensation costs involved.

8. At national level, Human Resource Planning is concerned with factors such as population economic development, provision of facilities for education and mobility.

Match the following:

1 Human resource development – Role clarity

2 Problems of HRD – Illiteracy

3 HRM – Recruitment and Selection

4 Development function – Employee, organization and career development

5 HRP – Future manpower requirements

6 Attrition – Gradual natural reduction in the number of personnel through retirement, resignation or death.

7 Controlling attrition – Building pride amongest employees and giving work that they are proud of and rewarded.

8 Battling Attrition – No poach agreements, background checks, respect of work culture, employee branding.

9 Reasons of Attrition – Demand and supply of fresh and experienced employees

10 Impact of Attrition – Cost of re-recruiting, Retraining, Loss of productivity

State True or False.

1. HRD considers that the better utilization of human resource leads to
improved performance.

A : True

2. HRD helps in making people aware of the skills required for job

A : True

3. Adequate forecasts of organizational changes cannot indicate the number of executive positions which will have to be filled as well as the duties and responsibilities for such positions.

A : False

4. A crystallization of the future job requirements can help selection of persons who should participate in the management development programme.

A : True

5. Manpower planning is helpful in both the selection and developmental activities.

A : True

Multiple Choice Single Response.

Human resource inventory means

Encouraging existing employees rather than hiring new people for higher appointments.
Evaluating the expected loss situation for a period of five years.
Database of the existing personnel to compare what exists in stock with what can be expected in stock at future dates.
Identifying suitable source of recruitment.

2. One of the limitations of Human Resource Planning is

It is easy to predict long range forecasts accurately.
Changes in economic condition and technology in future tend to make long-range forecasts unreliable.
It is difficult to predict short-range forecasts
The company’s short-range sales expansion forecast.

3. Job information helps in many ways and more particularly for the following-

Adequate Recruitment
Adequate Training
Unfair appraisals
Adequate salary structures

4. Some of the basic skills required by every manager are

To select appropriate and highly skilled personnel for general assignments
To supervise, follow up and appraise the performance of his subordinates
To develop his subordinates through better efforts
To keep his subordinates and superiors informed regarding the work of his unit


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