Guru gobind singh indraprastha university admission notice
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Guru gobind singh indraprastha university admission notice

Guru gobind singh indraprastha university admission notice for 2019 to 2019 and (Established by Government of NCT of Delhi) (NAAC Accredited ‘A’ Grade University) SECTOR-16C, DWARKA, NEW DELHI-110078 Website: // Help Desk No.: 011-25302167 

Admission Notice 2019-17

The University invites Online Applications for the following programmes as per proposed schedule given below.

102 PGMC (Digree/Diploma) 12th March, 2019 Saturday
106 MA (MC) 9th April, 2019 Saturday
107 MPT 9th April, 2019 Saturday
108 MOT (Mauro) 9th April, 2019 Saturday
109 MPO 9th April, 2019 Saturday,
110 MPH (FE) 111 M.Sc (EM) 9th April, 2019 Saturday,
114 BCA 112 LLM (One Year) 10th April, 2019 Sunday
113 MA (English) 10th April, 2019 Sunday
115 B.Sc (H) Nursing 10th April, 2019 Sunday
118 MA (Criminology) 10th April, 2019 Sunday
122 B.Ed./B.Ed. (Special Education) 16th April, 2019 Saturday
116 MBA (IT) 16th April, 2019 Saturday
121 LLB 17th April, 2019 Sunday
123 M.Sc (Bio Et Cony.) 17th April, 2019 Sunday
128 LE to B.Tech (Diploma) 17th April, 2019 Sunday
129 LE to B.Tech (B.Sc. Grads.) 17th April, 2019 Sunday
141 MA (CPHM)/(AHM) 17th April, 2019 Sunday
120 M.Ed 17th April, 2019 Sunday
124 BHMS/BAMS/BPT/BP0/ B.Sc(MLT)/BASLP 23rd April, 2019 Saturday
145 M.Sc (NRM) 23rd April, 2019 Saturday,
146 B.Com(Hons.) 1st May, 2019 Sunday
144 M.Ch (Urology) 7th May, 2019 Saturday
117 B.Sc (Yoga) 7th May, 2019 Saturday
156 M.Tech (Robotics & Automation) 7th May, 2019 Saturday
157 M.Phil (Clinical Psychology) 7th May, 2019 Saturday
158 B.Sc (Medical Technology-RT) 7th May, 2019 Saturday
119 MSc (Forensic Sc.) 7th May, 2019 Saturday
101 MBA 8th May, 2019 Sunday
131 B.Tech 8th May, 2019 Sunday
149 M. Tech (Nano Sc. Technology) 14th May, 2019 Saturday
147 M. Tech (Tool Engineering) 14th May, 2019 Saturday
148 M. Tech (Bio Tech) NO CET
150 M. Tech (Engg. Physics) 14th May, 2019 Saturday
104 BDS 14th May, 2019 Saturday
140 M.Tech (ECE/DC/SP/RF Et MNLSI) & M.Tech (ECE) Weekend 15th May, 2019 Sunday
152 M. Tech (Chemical Engg.) 15th May, 2019 Sunday
125 BBA 15th May, 2019 Sunday
139 M.Tech (IT/CSEAS) M.Tech (IT/CSE Weekend) 15th May, 2019 Sunday
161 M.Phil (English) 21 May, 2019 Saturday
162 M.A (Economics) 21 May, 2019 Saturday
163 MCA(LE) 21 May, 2019 Saturday
142 MCA (Dual Degree) 23rd April, 2019 Saturday
105 MCA/MCA(SE) 24th April, 2019 Sunday
103 MBBS Stage I 24th April, 2019 Sunday
132 DM (Cardiology) 30th April, 2019 Saturday
133 M.Ch (CTVS) 30th April, 2019 Saturday 30th April, 2019 Satutrtay
134 M.Ch (Neuro Surgery) 135 DM (Neurology) 30th April, 2019 Saturday
126 BA (JMC) 30th April, 2019 Saturday
127 BHMCT 1st May, 2019 Sunday
138 DM. (Pulmonary Er Critical Care Medicine) 1st May, 2019 Sunday
136 M.Ch. (BPMS) 1st May, 2019 Sunday
143 M.Ch. (Paediatrics Surgery) 1st May, 2019 Sunday
130 B.Tech (Bio Tech) 21 May, 2019 Saturday
103 MBBS Stage II 22nd May, 2019 Sunday
155 MBA (Weekend) NO CET
151 PG Diploma in Radiological Physics NO CET
164 PG Diploma in Womens Empowerment NO CET
176 MA (JMC) Weekend NO CET
181 LLM (Weekend) NO CET
186 MBA (Disaster Mgmt.) Weekend NO CET
100 B.Arch NO CET, Merit based on NATA and 10-12 Marks

Note – Admission Brochure of guru gobind singh indraprastha university along with Application Form for these programmes of indraprastha university and other related details are available on the CET / Admission – 2019 link of the Home page of the University website –

The Last Date for submission of form for the PGMC programme of guru gobind singh  is 1st March 2019, for 6. Arch programme, application start date is 1st June 2019 and the last date is 4th July 2019 for programmes having NO CET, the last date is 17th May 2019 and for all other remaining programmes, the last date is 29th March, 2019. Separate notifications regarding Ph.D. and B.Voc programmes will be issued later on by the guru gobind singh indraprastha university.


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