functional application and areas of management information system

functional application and areas of management information system

The functional application gives you an introduction to the functioning of various systems in various departments of an organization such as accounts payable system, production management system and marketing service system. The system design such as functional decomposition diagram, context level diagram, data flow diagram, data entry screen design and report layout are presented for these systems.


The scope of the System

1. The management gives details of the vendors. These include vendor code, name, address and other individual and unique details.
2. The audit department submits passed advance requisitions along with the purchase order details and payment details.
3. Bank payment vouchers are then generated for these advances and are paid against proforma invoice or the purchase order that is the main supporting document.
4. The audit department submits the passed invoices for payment. It also gives details of types of the bills, tax deductible and supporting documents like RCIA, Challan, purchase order and account codes.
5. Invoices are then generated for the different categories of bills according to their details for the record.
6. Net payment to be made results from the deduction of advances and TDS.
7. Bank vouchers are generated for effecting payment of the invoices.
8. Debit/credit note payments/deductions are made as and when the need arises.
9. Cheques are issued as per bank payment vouchers for the entire invoice, advance or debit/credit note payments.
10. Balances of the creditors and those of the control accounts, as per above transactions, are maintained through double entry bookkeeping.


Scope of the System

1. The scope of the project begins when the work order is received by the shop from the Planning Department. Accordingly, the shop prepares the Material Requirement Note (MRN) and sends it to the store.
2. The store sends raw material to the shop as per the details of the MRN along with the Material Issue Note (MIN).
3. The Planning Department sends the Production Plan and the Daily Production Plan to the shop. Accordingly, the shop carries out the processes involved in the manufacturing of the product. 4. At each section, the Inspection Department inspects the processed batch and gives the following details:
i. Accepted quantity
ii. Rework quantity
iii. The reason for rework
iv. Rejected quantity
v. Reason for rejection After the required quantity in the work order is produced, the work order is treated as closed.
5. Various reports such as production plan report, daily product report, production plan achievement status, inspection report are prepared. These reports are also sent to the management whenever required.


The system will perform the following tasks:

1. It will record upcoming project information from primary sources.
2. The system will accept package, consultant and follow-up information of the various projects from the branch office and primary sources.
3. It will receive inquiries for the supply of cable joining kits from different contractors who apply for the tender for the implementation of package works.
4. It will generate offers against the inquiries received.
5. The system will store a comparative statement of the inquiries received by the company’s competitors for the supply of cable jointing kits. The branch offices will provide this information.
6. The system will record the orders received by the company’s competitors by comparative statement entries previously recorded. The branch office of the company will provide this information.
7. It will match the inquiries received and the orders received by the company as well as competitors and close inquiries as well as packages. The branch offices will provide competitor order details.
8. The system will also record direct inquiries received from distributors or end-customers belonging to the utility market segment for the supply of materials for maintenance purposes.
9. The processing of direct inquiries is similar to that of package inquiries.
10. It will provide the facility of re-opening inquiries.


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