Why MBA distance learning more valuable than post graduation (PGDBM)
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Why MBA distance learning more valuable than post graduation (PGDBM)

MBA within distance learning VS PGDBM. PGDBM is Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management, or its related course PGDM is Post Graduate Diploma in Management the only name is the difference but same. The colleges have kept the separate name of the same course. Each and every one of us is knowledgeable of the terms MBA (Master of Business Administration), Master of Business Administration (MBA) through distance learning and PGDBM. After completion of graduation from any of the subject of interest, many of the candidates are interested in pursuing post-graduation. Candidates find it workable and beneficial to pursue Management course which is held for overall improvement and germination of an individual finally serving the companies with right works. read more about revision tips and how to gain confident

PGDBM VS MBA within distance learning

MBA through distance learning is a degree course while on the other had PGDBM and PGDM is a diploma course but both are same only is different from each other. Distance MBA is a degree course for the aspirants unwilling to attend classes regularly. These universities made it give maximum knowledge of post graduate degree to many aspirants.

The colleges offering MBA degree are affiliated to some university and approved by AICTE while some school provides PGDBM and PGDM. Also, colleges run their self-governing course i.e. designing of the course is their own. Some university also affords distance MBA so; it is similar to Regular MBA. The PGDBM fee structure is quiet very high but, fees of Distance MBA are almost less or equal to 25% of the costs per year. One, while choosing PGDBM and PGDM must check the accreditation status of the college. AICTE must accredit These colleges. University is responsible for operating of the course and the syllabus design. Syllabus is developed almost after every four years to change the program and add new and current topics. All the courses are two-year course but, some colleges run PGDBM for one year which does not complete the course. It is just the overview of the whole two-year course. The selection criteria of PGDBM and PGDM is quiet very long and complicated. In a case of Distance, MBA ball is in the court of the candidate to select which university affordable in the need and pocket of the candidates.

Now a day’s being a competitive environment various specializations are being offered. Therefore the scope of PGDBM and PGDM is being decreased gradually, and the importance of Distance MBA is increasing exponentially.


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