Andhra university visakhapatnam distance education MBA 2019-20

1. Any Qualified candidate within India can apply for admission into School of Andhra university Distance Education. Admission is restricted to the candidates residing in India.

2. Candidates studying other Courses are also eligible for admission into the School of Andhra university Distance Education.

3. After enrollment, every student will be allotted a Code number, which he/ she should invariably mention in all his/her correspondence with the School. Full Code Number including the period of study should be quoted in all the correspondence. Correspondence without code number will not receive attention.

4. The student will be admitted into the School on the assumption that the entries in the Admission application are correct and the student has to fulfill all the requirements as mentioned in the application of andhra university distance education.

5. The original Certificates of the students submitted along with the application form will be returned to the student by Registered post as soon as the admission formalities are over. However such of the Original certificates which are required for record of the School will be retained and they will not be returned.

6. The First of July is treated as the day of commencement of the academic year.

7. The candidates are required to abide by the rules and regulations that are in force and those that will come into effect from time to time as formulated by the School and For by the University.

8. Candidates after graduating from the School of Andhra university Distance Education are eligible for higher studies as in the case of regular college students.

10. Postal Address’ AU Correspondence pertaining to the School of Distance Education must be addressed to: The Director, School of Distance Education., Andhra University, Visakhapatnam¬†530 003, Andhra Pradesh The student is particularly requested to note that the Office of the School of Distance Education is different from the office of the Registrar, Andhra University, Waltair.

11. Mailing of Communications: All reading material will be mailed to the students by Express Parcel post to the address of the students as per records of the School. The students are advised to make necessary arrangements in their respective delivery post offices at their end to get the delivery of difference communications, reading materials from the school properly without delay. It is not possible for the school to owe any responsibility for any postal mishap. However necessary arrangements may be made to provide another set of reading material / copy of communication etc.. to the students if the issue of non receipt/ postal mishap is brought to our notice in time.

12. Identity Card: The identity Card issued to the candidate will be sufficient for the purpose of identification for the entire period of study in this School. If the Identity Card is lost, a fresh identity card will be issued on payment of Rs.50/- and on production of satisfactory evidence from a responsible person to the effect that the original was lost. However, duplicate Identity Card will be issued until the study period is completed.

13. Payment of Tuition Fees: The first installment of tuition fee has to be paid at the time of submission of application for admission. The second installment of tuition fee has to be paid before the date to be notified by the School. Lessons pertaining to 2nd semester will be dispatched only after receipt of 2r4 term tuition fee. Mailing of lessons will be stopped to the defaulters until they pay the tuition fee dues to the School. In the Case of Certificate Courses the Total fee Shall be Paid at the Time of admission. Penal Fee will be levied if the tuition fee is not paid on or before the due date as follows Up to 2 months after the due date : Rs. 50.00 After 2 months : Rs.200.00

14. Remittances to the School: All the remittances to the School of Distance Education should be made through a Crossed Demand Draft drawn in favour of the Registar, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam. payable at Syndicate Bank, China Waltair. Visakhapatnam. If the Syndicate Bank is not available the demand draft may be drawn in favour of the Registrar, Andhra University, payable at the State Bank of India. Andhra University Campus, Waltair, or any Nationalised Bank payable at Visakhapatnam in favour of the Registrar. Andhra University. Waltair. The name of the candidate, code number if already allotted and the purpose of the remittance should be clearly mentioned in the covering letter along with the Demand Draft. The name of the candidate and complete code number are also to be noted on the back of the Demand Draft. S.B.1 Bank Challans, Cheques, Money Orders and Postal Orders will not be accepted

15. Refund of Fee: In respect of those candidates whose applications for admission are rejected by the Andhra university distance education for any reason, 10 per cent of the tuition fee besides admission and registration fee of Rs.150/- will be deducted from the fee paid and the balance will be refunded. Candidate who submits application for admission and withdraws on his / her own will not be entitled for refund.


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