Ambrose University College review with careers and jobs guide

Ambrose University College review with careers and jobs guide

Ambrose University College is an independent university associated with The Christian and Missionary Alliance and the Church of the Nazarene beliefs. Ambrose is the result of the 2007 union of Alliance University College and Nazarene University College. Ambrose provides 3- and 4-year Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Business Administration degrees and a two-year Bachelor of Education after Degree Elementary recognised by the Minister of Innovation and Advanced Education.

Ambrose further gives a range of professional degrees and diplomas through its Faculty of Theology. Established in Calgary, Alberta, the Ambrose campus is in the heart of an ethnically different city of more than one million people. Southern Alberta continues to grow and offers a promising future to current residents and newcomers one. Ambrose University College also provide job opportunity you can visit and see what the current opening are,

University address,

150 Ambrose Circle SW
Calgary, AB T3H 0L5
Phone: 403-410-2000
Email: [email protected]

Strategies, Goals and Expected Outcomes To maximize the opportunities,

1. Teaching and Learning – Ambrose will be known for excellence in education and student achievement.

2. Explore New Dimensions – Ambrose will develop new program capacity and physical spaces required.

3. Improve Systems and Processes- Ambrose will sustain its academic culture and new actions by efficient systems and effective coordination of internal processes.

Programs and courses

There are three type Programs or course of Ambrose University College first one is art and science and the second one is a school of ministry and last one is seminary and each program divided into different parts lets see one by one.


1) Bachelor of Arts, Behavioural Science Options,

Bachelor of Arts: Behavioural Science (3-year concentration), Bachelor of Arts: Behavioural Science (4 year major), Sociology (Minor), Behavioural Science (minor), Psychology (minor) and Specialize in one of six areas Culture and Society, Cognitive Neuroscience, Family and Community, Religion and Social Science, Human Development, Deviance and Society. You can become a

Anthropologists – it is a study of humans and environment around the people. It is like knowledge about how things are changing and how they behave.

Criminologists – is the scientific study of the characteristics, extent, control, management, causes, consequences, and prevention of criminal behavior, both on the person and social levels.

Criminal Profilers – The offender’s background, beliefs, values, physical characteristics, habits, and previous behaviors are analyzed based on what was when investigating the crime scene.

Social Workers – Social work is an academic and professional discipline that seeks to facilitate the welfare of individuals, communities, families, and groups. It may promote development, cohesion, social change, and empowerment. By theories of social sciences and conducted by principles of collective responsibility, social justice, human rights, and social work engages people, respect for diversities, and structures to address life challenges and enhance well-being.

Corporate Coaches – In simple word, it is a development of specific goal or a person. It is a relationship between two people one who teach call coaches and the second is who leaner call coachees.

Economic Analysts – Economics is a social science involved with the factors that determine the distribution, production, and consumption of goods and services.

Market Researchers – Market research is any systematic effort to gather knowledge and information about target markets, business or customers. It is a critical element of business strategy. The term is commonly interchanged with marketing research, and the expert practitioners may wish to draw a difference, in that marketing research is concerned specifically with marketing processes, while market research is concerned specifically with markets.

So, above career details of Ambrose University College, I gather from internet research, and you can select as per your interest

Ambrose also provides practicum to student and today practicum is very power tool by giving a chance to work with the nonprofit organization. Practicum gains valuable knowledge and experience, an expert in the field, future career path, and gain relationship with the social service provider within the student.

for courses and admission related information visit following two links,

2) Business Administration,

Bachelor of Business Administration (4 years major), Bachelor of Arts: Business Administration (3-year concentration), Business Administration (minor) and Development Studies (minor). Learners have the opportunity to specialize in one of six streams that are Human Resources & Organizational Development, Accounting, Leadership in Community, Business & Community, Entrepreneurship & Leadership and Management. For career, you can choose among Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Accounting, Management, Human Resources, and Financial Planning. For more details about courses and admission you can visit following two links,



Here I am giving the right link to the website to all courses and programs and their admission, and you can find more now. Link,


Tuition and fees details,

Now we will talk on some extra topics on Ambrose University College for the student. I like one thing about the university that Ambrose University is giving library book free of charge to any student even to the who are not a student of the school but for a limited time. You can not get the book outside of University and also internet service is also free for visitors but don’t waste other time like playing the game on the Internet be remember IT department is there to catch you.

If you are interested admission in Ambrose University College, then you should read it first university giving you computers with some software and internet. The place of school is safe because there is six image capture camera along with proximity card that only allowed a student who has it and student can go to their home on the weekend. If you like my review about Ambrose University college then refer it to your friends, and you can mail me any suggestion about that review


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