Scdlpune.com is among top 10 universities information portal and website. Scdlpune is one year website and in very few days website rank in google search engine in top 10 ranking with 3 keywords. Slowly website posting all information about universities in India and also of abroad countries. If you any question, suggestion, query, then you can contact me, I will appreciate for the suggestion.

About author

The author name is Yunus completed post graduation diploma in 2013 and working as a senior accountant. I stared website one year back because I had seen many online users who don’t know the procedure for admission and programs in distance education university suffer from confusions.

Three years back when I got admission same thing happen with me and after admission I realise that I got wrong admission in university, but thanks to Allah I completed my post graduation diploma and I want same thing not happen again again with students in India.