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ABM College of Health and Technology is best career training organisations in Alberta, Ontario, Calgary and Toronto. ABM College has implemented students with the academic knowledge, professional training, and the right skill-set to meet job market demand. Either you are preparing for a career in health care or business, ABM career programs will assure that you are familiar with the most up-to-date tools and techniques being appropriated by specialists in the field. It is a mark of satisfaction for college that the vast majority of our graduates are employed within their area of study. With a quality of courses and campus locations in both Calgary and Toronto, grant the ABM College be the first step in achieving your career dreams.

With the continued demand or developing day to day life, technology, and a new generation of highly experienced employees in the business, technology, and healthcare industries, employers are trying well-qualified graduates with the right skill set and a strong understanding of industry practices. In reply to this requirement, the ABM University offers a competitive and versatile curriculum based on on-going research and analysis of labour business trends. ABM College has a mission to provide the value-added education, professors and staffs are bound to helping you to prepare for your new career through quality teaching and performing learner services.

Today it is necessary to remain Competitive abm courses aim to meet not only the needs of students but also the demands of a continuously developing marketplace. Years of academic and industry experience allow a university to offer leaner a diverse choice of career-focused programs and helping you to grow your career in the right path. One thing I like about college that ABM College of Health and Technology is highly committed to providing excellence education at a small price in my opinion and you can say affordable price.

Students of ABM College of Health and Technology Have Bright Employment Prospects you know why because during the past years College has developed an excellent harmony with industry employers in business, health care, and technology. Even before graduating the student, ABM College students can look forward to high employment prospects that the significant advantage for leaner.

Accreditation of ABM College of Health and Technology

All Canadian regions and nations have their regulatory bodies which grant licenses and provide certification to college, private institutions, university and distance learning. ABM academia in Toronto and Calgary are accredited,

1) The ABM Institute campus in Alberta is approved and licensed by the Alberta Ministry of Advanced Education.

2) The ABM Institute campus in Toronto is accredited and licensed by the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities, Ontario.

Admission in ABM,

If you Apply to any college, it can be horrible, very hard and particularly when you are blind of the admission process. At ABM College of Health and Technology staff’s work hard to make our admissions process simple and straightforward. If you are interested in admission and want to some information, then the best way meet with one of the admissions counsellors. At ABM College admissions process is very simple and easy; there are no time limit, no stress, and no long exams or essays. Just contact us online and book an appointment with one of our admissions counsellors to get started. When you’re ready to enrol at ABM College follow these simple steps:

1. Fill Out The ABM College of Health and Technology Form,

After your informational appointment with an ABM School representative, you will be required to complete admissions form.

2. Entrance Exam of University

In ABM College student requires to complete the ABM College entrance exam. This review helps Institute to identify interests, abilities, and talents of the student.

3. Interview

This interview is an information collection session with the student. The ABM admissions counsellor will have the opportunity to learn more about you, and you will have the chance to learn more about ABM College’s student services and academic background.


There are two types of program first is Business programs and second is health care programs, let’s look first business one,

1) Accounting and payroll Diploma for 51 weeks

You will learn in this course Microsoft Office Tools, Payroll Compliance Law, Payroll Fundamentals, Bookkeeping, Professional and Workplace Standards, Financial Accounting, Computer-Aided Accounting using Industry Standard Accounting Program, Career and Employment Strategies, Student Achievement Strategies, Corporate Exposure Writing Skills. After completing this programs, you will fine job opportunity in Office Supervisor, Payroll Administrator, Office Assistant, Accounts, and Receivables, Accounts Payable Clerk, Clerk and most important are pay scale I am telling you will receive around C$40000 at the entry level of your jobs. For admission requirement and eligibility.

2) Business Administration Diploma for 51 weeks,

You will learn in 51 weeks, Bookkeeping and Financial Accounting, MS Office, Business Communications, Retailing, Economics, Human Resources Management, Quick Books and Simply Accounting, Organizational Behavior and Change Management, Personal Tax, Corporate Tax, and Tax Software, Management Accounting, Global Business Management, Starting your own business, Resume Writing and Specialist Skills, Practicum Experience, Business Management Group Project. You can apply for the job in Finance, Banking, Marketing, Accounting, Management, Human Resources filed for admission requirement and eligibility.

3) Computer Aided Drafter (CAD) Diploma for 40 weeks,

you will learn Technical Specifications and Documents, Basic Technical Computation, Professional Business Communication Skills, Computer Applications, Technological Applications, Drawing Techniques and Theory, Advanced Technical Mathematics, Construction Materials and Methods, Auto CAD Essentials, Auto desk Essentials, Surveying Principles and Techniques, Architectural Drawings, and Details. Job opportunity after completing course Architectural Firms, Engineering Firms, Construction Firms for admission requirement and eligibility.

4) Hospitality Management Program for 36 weeks

you will study Human Resources, Special Events and Convention Management, MS Office, Security, and Loss Prevention, Hotel Computer Systems, Food Safety, First Aid and CPR, Food and Liquor Management, Housekeeping Management, Marketing of Hospitality, Tourism, Resort Management, Job Search Seminar. After completing the program you can apply for the job for Customer Service Representative, Front Desk Supervisor, Concierge, Motel Operations Manager, Food and Beverage Service Manager, Convention and Events Manager, Resort and Spa Manager. For admission information and requirements.

Now we get information about healthcare programs,

1) CPR and First Aid Training certification and its variable course,

This course offer and you will learn Emergency First Aid, CPR, and AED, Standard First Aid, CPR, and AED, CPR and AED, Child Care First Aid, CPR, and AED, CPR – HCP Level C, First Aid, Health Care Provider. After completing program, you can apply for jobs as a First Responder, Police, Fire, Oil and Gas, Healthcare, Health and Safety industry, for more information on admission.

2) Health Care Aide certification for 22 weeks,

This one is the short course, and you will learn Documentation and Preparation of Health Care Reports, Policies and Directives, Dementia Care, Assistive Child Care and after completing the program you have the job opportunity to become Health Care Aide, Client Care Attendant, Residential Aide, Home Support Worker, Caregiver. For info on admission.

3) Massage Therapy

You will cover Anatomy and Physiology, Ethics, Human Relations, Orthopaedic Assessments, Psychology of the Body Systems, Theory, and Techniques, Palpation, Hydrotherapy, Neurophysiology and job opportunity after completing this courses Chiropractic Clinics, Physiotherapy Clinics, Hospitals, Health Care Facilities, Aesthetic and Health Spas, Massage Therapy Schools. For more updates on admission.

4) Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk

You will study IT and its Applications, Interpersonal Skills, Accounting Application, Medical Office Assistant, Medical Terminology, Administrative Skills and Procedures, Body Systems, and Diseases, Communication, Problem Solving, and Client Services, Clinical Skills and Procedures, Job Search and Career Development, Medical Emergencies. Job opportunity Physician’s Office, Medical Clinics, Hospice Care, Chiropractic Offices, Home Health Care Agencies, Dental Office, Nursing Homes, Long Term Care Facilities, Public Health Clinics, Medical Supply Companies, Outpatient Clinics and for information on admission.

5) Personal Support Worker certification for 26 weeks,

studies in this course Individuality of the Person, Role of the PSW, Interpersonal Skills, Assisting the Family, Security, Assisting a Person with Mobility, Abuse, Household Management and Meal Preparation, Optimal Support and Care Planning, Individual Hygiene, Cognitive Impairment and Health Issues, Helping with Medications, Serving to Manage Ongoing Conditions, Helping a Person Who is Dying. Job opportunity after completing this course, Personal Support Worker, Nursing Assistant, Home Support Worker, Health Care Aid, Homemaker Companion and for information on admission look here.

6) Pharmacy Assistant Diploma for 43 weeks,

You have to study Customer Service, Microsoft Office, Career and Employment Strategies, Anatomy & Physiology Medical Terminology, Pharmacology, Pharmacy Law and Ethics, Pharmacy Compounding, Sterile Product Preparation, Medicine Practice, Pharmacy Math, Medicine Software (Kroll), First Aid and CPR, Practicum. Job opportunity after diploma Retail Pharmacies, Hospitals, Medical Centre Pharmacies and if you fill update about admission in that diploma.

Tuition and fees,

Tuition costs are a more important factor for a student when deciding on which college to attend, but college continues to ensure that tuition costs remain among the most affordable for private colleges in Canada. The campus will inform the Students about the total fees related to the program during the admission process. And Program costs include costs for tuition, instruction, registration, course material, materials, equipment, and student services. Tuition fees may be paid through student loan disbursements or by cheque, cash, or Visa. The college also provides Financial assistance information to the student at your nearest ABM College campus. Financial aid officers are glad to assist ABM College students in arranging payment plans and providing details on the different accomplishments offered by ABM College and the Canadian government.

International student,

ABM College of Business and Technology is happy to work with International Students and help them reach their educational goals that lead to fulfilling careers. If you contact with an International Student Coordinator to find out what is the requirements, costs, and application methods you need to qualify. If you live in outside of country want to know about ABM College of Health and Technology.


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