Annamalai distance education mba university and courses 2018-19

Annamalai university distance education mba is located at Annamalainagar, adjacent to Chidambararn town, the abode of Lord Nataraja, the Cosmic Dancer. The sprawling and scenic campus, spread over an extensive area of about 800 acres has the Faculties of Arts, Science, Indian Languages, Engineering and Technology, Education, Fine Arts, Agriculture, Medicine, Dentistry and Marine Sciences.

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Apart from conventional programmes, many programmes which are relevant to the recent times are offered in the Faculties of Arts, Science, Indian Languages, Education, and Fine Arts by annamalai university dde. Several Scholarships are available for deserving candidates.

Duration: Two Academic Years Full-time July to April. Semesters: An academic year is divided into two semesters, Odd Semester and Even Semester. The normal semester periods are: Odd Semester: July to November (90 working days) Even Semester: December to April (90 working days)

M.B.A Degree Programme

M.B.A.(T.M & E.M)
M.B.A. E-Business (E.M)
M.B.A. International Business (E.M)
M.B.A. (Human Resource Management) (E.M)
M.B.A. (Marketing Management) (E.M)
M.B.A. (Financial Management)(E.M)

Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)

The Choice Based Credit System has been introduced in the above faculties, except in Fine Arts, since 1999-2000. The Postgraduate programmes offered by these faculties are pursued for four semesters that would lead to the postgraduate degree in the respective subjects. These programmes offer a package of certain courses and some elective courses that allow for effective interaction among students from different disciplines. The novelty of the programmes consists in the inter-disciplinary curriculum with a pronounced accent on frontier areas of knowledge. The programme comprises several courses which are referred to in terms of the credits they learn and the grading of students done according to their performance. Structure of the Programme The Master’s Programme will consist of

i) Core courses which are compulsory for all students

ii) The students can choose elective courses from the programmes approved in other departments of the same faculty and from the faculties of Science, Indian Languages, and Education.

iii) Elective subjects are allotted after counselling, by a committee consisting of the Heads of the Departments under the Chairmanship of the Dean.

iv) Dissertation / Project work / Practical training / Field work, which can be done in an organisation, Government, Industry, Firm, Public Enterprise, etc., approved by the concerned department.

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS Common to all Programmes

1) Originals of marks-lists or other certificates should not be sent along with the application. Only attested copies of documents need be

2) Students who have joined a programme and wish to discontinue must have paid the fees in full up to the year of study.

3) In race of candidates who wish to withdraw from the Programme at the same year of admission, who have NOT attended any of the classes and whose seats have been subsequently filled up, a service charge of ‘ 2,000/- will be collected for refund of tuition fee and return of original certificates (except the Transfer/Migration certificate).

4) No certificate will be issued unless the candidate has cleared all the arrears of fees etc., due to the University.

5) With regard to any dispute arising in relation to admissions, examinations, remittance of fees etc., the place of jurisdiction for the purpose of filing a suit or preferring a complaint or taking any legal proceedings against annamalai distance education, will be Chidambaram Town only and not any other place.

6) Late applications and applications of annamalai university distance education which are not in the prescribed form or which are not correctly filled in or in respect of which the prescribed certificates and documents are not received on or before the due date and applications which do not otherwise fulfil the terms of the instructions, will be considered defective and are liable for rejection. The University will not be responsible for any postal or other kinds of delay for the receipt of applications after the due date.


The following procedures should be followed for applying/ getting certificates viz. Bonafide/ Course completion/Mark lists etc. with the fee prescribed by the annamalai university distance education.

a. General: Mark list for each Semester/Year during the period of study will be issued by the University and distributed through the respective departments of study. On completion of the programme, Provisional Certificate and Transfer Certificate will also be distributed through the department concerned.

b. Migration Certificate: This certificate will be issued by the University Office (IC’ Section) only on demand to those who have planned to undergo higher studies in any Educational Institution in India.

c. Duplicate Certificate- Mark List/Degree/Transfer Certificate: A certificate from the police department is required to be produced for the loss of certificates indicating that the certificates were actually lost beyond recovery.

d. Degree Certificate: Notification will be issued in the leading dailies during the month of September/October every year inviting application forms for obtaining Degree Certificate at the Convocation. Students shall apply for the same in the prescribed form which can be obtained from the annamalai university India.

e. Personal File: Students while admitted in this University must open a personal file to maintain all academic records such as challan for remittance of tuition fee, exam fee, instrument fee, condonation fee etc. till completion of his/her studies.

f. Re-admission: If any attendance deficiency during the tenure of his/her studies, candidates shall apply for re-admission through the Heads concerned along with the photocopy of his/her previous semester/year mark list(s) as proof for having appeared for the annamalai university distance education Examinations.

g. How to get Certificate:

i. Students applied for any certificates in annamalai university distance education viz., Bonafide, Course Completion, Duplicate mark list, Degree Certificate and Transfer Certificate etc, either during the tenure of his/her studies or completion of the programme should obtain the same from the office or by post within a fortnight period from the date of filing application in the office. He/she should possess compulsorily a) a copy of letter through which he/she has applied for b) a copy of remittance challan and c) any other documents, whenever any lapse of the original submitted to annamalai university (or) loss in transaction.

ii. If candidates do not receive the certificate of annamalai distance education within the stipulated period, then he/she can immediately seek the assistance of the Section Head/Deputy Registrar of the ‘IC’ Section with relevant copy of records that has been already submitted for claiming the certificates, so as to enable them to get the certificate from the office (or) necessary guidance will be provided for the same.

iii. Students admitted on various programmes of the University, should get back his/her original certificates produced at the time of admission within three months either on completion of programme (or) discontinuing the same in the middle of the programme. The annamalai university distance education is not responsible for any lapse or damage of the certificates, beyond this period.

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